Beautiful Nude Lipsticks

Every girl should own a good nude lipstick. It is pretty much impossible to go wrong with this type of shade, and it can easily be applied without a mirror.

Nudes are perfect when you need a subtle but beautiful hue to your lips. It suits those with all sorts of undertones and can be worn night or day. Absolutely anybody can wear this type of shade and it’s great for spring and summer.

You can achieve both matte and glossy looks with nude lipstick, making it highly versatile. Nude lipsticks improve the texture of the lips and can make them look plumper.

Perfect Shade have a huge range of beautiful lipsticks to choose from, including nude shades that are perfect for every-day wear.

One of our most subtle shades is ‘All Day Everyday’ which can be worn on any occasion. This shade enhances the natural beauty of your lips, bringing a hint of colour that lasts for hours.

With 24 shades to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect colour for your colouring and undertone. All our lipsticks are gorgeous packaging and the formula feels amazing to apply.

To find your perfect shade, simply explore our lipsticks today.

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