Why Choose To Wear Matte Lipstick?

Anyone who’s ever seen the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s will remember the scene when she refuses to read a letter from her ex-lover until she’s put on her lipstick. The right shade of lipstick can pick you up, even when you’re at your lowest. So, why choose matte instead of glossy formulas?

Matte lipstick is renowned for lasting longer than glossy lipsticks and won’t make your hair stick to your face! They also tend to provide a more natural look which is perfect for the day time.

At Perfect Shade we can help you find your ideal shade from among our panoply of colours.

All our lipsticks are extremely long-lasting, whether you’re drinking fizzy champagne or having a kiss at a summer wedding.

Whether you love subtle nude shades or prefer bold reds, you’ll find all our lipsticks look as good as they feel. At £9 a pop, they’re also highly affordable and ideal for anyone looking for dupes for more expensive brands.

Along with our lipsticks, we have a range of blushers, mascara, pressed powders, highlights and eyeshadows. In short, everything you need to look super glamorous.

Why not check out our range of matte lipstick today?

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